Welcome to Radio Ci Sta!

The first Worldwide open Mic


Radio Ci Sta is the place where curiosity and humor meet information and innovation. It’s a platform for those with great ideas and meaningful thoughts, willing to share their knowledge and eager to learn more. A community for people who are ambitious to realize their dreams and willing to help others along the way.


It was originally born as a group of friends sitting together and dreaming about a space where they could freely speak their minds. Today, it is a web-based community where everyone has unconstrained freedom of speech; a place to share ideas, thoughts, feelings, opinions, knowledge and much more.


Radio Ci Sta is innovative, upstream, transgressive, sometimes naughty, always fun but never disrespectful. We stand for a world where everyone have the chance to express themselves and we strongly promote free speech. Why? Because a free world is a world that evolves positively for the good of everyone.


Join the community to:

  • Raise discussions on topics that matter to you
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Share useful information
  • Share knowledge
  • Share business ideas and find partners
  • Vent your emotions on a happy/sad day


Have something to say but wondering how to get your message out there?


We will collect your words and air them during our weekly broadcasts, as well as featuring them on Ci Sta’s webpage for the world to reach! Do not wait, just get in touch with us now!